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General Psychiatric conditions

Mental illnesses are very common with one quarter population experiencing some form of mental health problem in the course of 1 year. The most common are mixed anxiety and depression with women being more commonly affected. Self harm in any form is frequent and a way of coping even if dysfunctional. These illnesses can cause a lot of suffering and interfere in one or more areas of life.


But this doesn’t need to continue! There are several effective treatment options available. Whether they feel small or big problems, you just need to ask for help. It may be or feel hard thing to do, but can make a real difference in your life. I can help you through this process.


These are some of the more common conditions I can help you with, but you can come to see me with any mental health problem.


  • Depression and low mood

  • Bipolar Affective disorder or manic depression

  • Stress and Anxiety, including generalised anxiety and social anxiety

  • Panic disorder and phobias

  • Obsessive compulsive disorder

  • Post traumatic stress disorder

  • Psychotic disorders

  • Chronic fatigue syndrome

  • Sleep problems 


  • Feeling anxious or worried about getting Coronavirus?

  • Problems sleeping or resting?

  • Feeling low, sad or crying frequently?

  • Not enjoying life and feeling tired all the time?

  • Feeling hopeless and like life is not worth living?

  • Not being able to sleep, eat or concentrate?

  • Experiencing racing thoughts, reduce need for sleep and at times with reckless behaviour?

  • Feeling up and down and out of control?

  • Feeling anxious, worried or stressed?

  • Having panic attacks or feeling you might just die?

  • Worrying about your health all the time? Feeling abnormally fearful?

  • Finding yourself thinking obsessively about one thing or having to compulsively do things?

  • Relieving a scary experience and dreaming about it? Being easily startled?

  • Feeling mentally as well as physically tired all the time?

  • Struggling with simple everyday tasks?


 Whatever you may be feeling that doesn’t feel right and is    interfering with your life, contact me today to start your    journey to recovery.




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